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Tax services in Los Angeles has never been easier for your personal or business taxes. We know that taxes are the annual event everyone struggles with. We also know that businesses, particularly small businesses, struggle with taxes even more because of all the issues that deal proper classifications of write-offs, employer taxes, changes in tax reforms, tax benefits, and most importantly, payroll tax. With our expert LA tax service we can handle any issue with our tax solutions that help you with tax planning and preparation, tax problems, and tax audits. Our Tax Accountant take a preemptive approach in protecting our clients from future tax audits.

Personal Taxes

Our tax experts will alleviate the annual headache associated with filing your taxes. Whether you’re working for a company and filled out a W-2 form or you’re working as an independent contractor for a number of businesses, we can help you fill out your taxes properly. Los Angeles is the land of the independent worker, from models, actors, even caterers and construction workers. A number of people in the Greater Los Angeles Area are filling out 1099 forms to report income from “self employment earnings, interest, and dividends.” Most people seeking tax services in Los Angeles are largely misinformed when it comes all the information needed to include on their 1099. But even taxes for standard W-2 forms can be confusing for the average person. We’re here to help with any confusion!

Business Taxes

A mistake in taxes can cost a business a lot of money. That’s why our firm is here to handle your business taxes, so you can handle your business. We’re not just any tax consultant in Los Angeles, we’re friendly and reliable with an unmatched knowledge of taxes in the industry. That’s why small businesses have been coming to us in hopes that we can sort out all of their tax information and forms. The biggest concern small companies have when they are looking for California Tax Services is how to minimize taxes and the best way to avoid or deal with audits. That’s why we offer tax planning, tax problems, and tax audits to help you sift through your business’ taxes.


  • Tax preparation fees starting as low as $250 for simple Corps and LCC’s
  • Offer In Compromise IRS Debt starting at $1,500
  • Streamlined Installment Agreement $500
  • Tax Representation Minimum Retainer $1,500
  • Negotiated Installment Agreement starting at $1,200
  • Penalty Abatements starting at $850
  • Placement into Currently Not Collectible Status starting at $600
  • Stopping wage garnishments, levies and liens starting at $750
  • Return of Property Seized by IRS starting at $1,200
  • Innocent Spouse Protection starting at $1,200

* Prices may vary depending on individual circumstances.

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